Tips for fertilizing your Gainesville Fl lawn,

lawn careWhen To fertilize.

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn  there are many factors to consider.  The first thing you have to determine is what kind of turf you have.  For the purpose of this article we are going too talk about St Augustine turf. To keep your St Augustine looking its best it is recommended to have about six applications per year.  In January or February you would want to add a premergent plus fertilizer. In May, July, And September,  you would want to apply a general maintenance fertilizer. In November you would want to apply a weed and feed application. A preemergent is used to not allow weed seed to germinate in your lawn.  A weed and feed is used to to do exactly what it says and that is to kill the weeds in your lawn while feeding it.

What do the numbers mean?

In order to put down the proper application you have to understand the fertilizer label. The numbers on the bag refer to the percentage of primary nutrients inside the bag. The first number represents the nitrogen percentage, the second number represents the phosphorus percentage, and the third number represents the potassium percentage.

Which fertilizer is right for my lawn?

Choosing the right fertilizer is based on a number of factors such as the overall turf condition, temperature, precipitation, amount of foot traffic.  Another thing you may want to do is to take a soil sample.  This will tell you exactly what nutrients you need it to promote healthy turf growth.  If your turf is in good condition or if  no fertilizer was put down in the fall you would want to use a fertilizer with a high nitrogen to potassium ratio such as 2 to 1 or higher.  If you have a soil test done and it shows that your potassium levels are low, or if your lawn is under stress from high temperatures or cold temperatures, or if you are experiencing drought conditions then you would want to use a fertilizer with a high of potassium to nitrogen ratio.  If you turf is in otherwise in good condition, then you would use a balanced ratio for the nitrogen and potassium levels.

Expect good results!

While there is a lot more factors to consider when it comes to having a beautiful lawn.  If you follow these basic rules of thumb when it comes to fertilizing you’ll enjoy a green, lush, and healthy lawn.  Also please if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to ask.

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